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Associate Professor Spyridon Tsitsigkos

  Spyridon Tsitsigkos, Assoc. Professor
Research area: Psychology of religion
Faculty of Social Theology, School of Theology
National and Kapodistrian Univerisity of Athens
Panepistimiopolis, Ano Ilisia
157 84, Athens, Greece
Office num. 144
Τel-Fax: 210-7275855
e-mail: stsitsig@gmail.com

Short biography, CV and selected publications

Dr Dr Spyridon Tsitsigkos joined the Faculty of Social Theology as a Lecturer in 2004 and in 2008 he was promoted to Associate Professor of Psychology of Religion.

Born in 1959 in Chalkida, he completed there his basic education and training while also pursuing musical (Byzantine and instrumental European) and pictorial studies. After graduation from the School of Theology, University of Athens, he carried on with philosophical studies at the School of Phiilosophy in Rethymno, Crete. In parallel he worked as a Secondary Education teacher for over twenty years, as well as a teacher at the Ecclesiastical Academy of Athens.

Then, through scholarships of ERASMUS and the Church of Greece, he furthered his education in University of Durham, UK (Master of Art in Patristic Depth Psychology), while obtaining a Diploma of English Language, Certificate of ELTS of King's College of the University of London (1990), Certificate of WEE of University of Durham School of English (1991) and Competence in English from the Greek Ministry of Education (1996).

Following his return in Greece, Dr Spyridon Tsitsigkos received the degree of Doctor of Theology by the School of Theology, University of Thessaloniki and the degree of Doctor of Psychology by the Faculty of Psychology, University of Athens. Aside from teaching Computer ―with an official certificate training (1997)― Internet, Counseling Psychology, Cultural Anthropology and Psychology of Culture in the Centers Educational Training (1/8/16/9/2000 and 22/9-18/8/2000) and Educational Training Institutes (18/8/2000-29/9/2000) and, also, more generally to his active presence on the Internet, like the gaining of official Certificate of Instructor (Ε.ΚΕ.ΠΙΣ, No Register 400399/26-4-2002), he has participated and attend various educational, pedagogical, pastoral, psychological (Community Center of Mental Health, 6/11/1993) and psychiatric (Project of Clinical Psychiatry of the University of Athens for one year, Athens 2000, Project of Clinical Psychiatry of the University of Athens with collaboration to Institute of Psychiatry King’s College London for one year, Athens 2005) Seminars, and he has participated as a Lecturer in several psychological, theological and philosophical Conferences, Workshops, Postgraduate, Re-educated and Re-fresher Courses of Synod of Church of Greece, Theological School of Athens, various training Institutes etc. Similarly, he has participated in various radio-television broadcasts and has gave various scientific, cultural, national, social, educational, pedagogic, scholastic and religious lectures in Municipalities, Chambers, multivalent and intellectual Centres of Athens, in Centers of open protection of old men, Churches, Schools, Parents Associations etc. Until now he has written a lot of scholarly books [e.g. “Spiritual Fatherhood, according to St. John Chrysostom’s homilies on Penance in the light of Psychology of Depth,” THEOLOGIA 70/4 (2000) 826‑960, The Soul of man according to John Chrysostom (diss.), Chrysostom’s Ethos (with psychological parameters, Christianity in view of the third millennium (Contribution to the Psycho-history of contemporary Christianity), Psychology of Religion, Religiosity & Desire according to A. Vergote, Psychology of Sects, Religion & Science (with emphasis on Psychology), Comparative Psychology of Cultures Judaic-Christian and Roman, Religiosity, Personality and Identity in Greek Students (diss.) et al.] and several essays and encyclopedic entries, whereas he contributes to several magazines and newspapers.

He has elected steward of the Pan-Hellenic Union of Theologians and is a member many Greek and foreign Unions or Institutes, scholarly Associations (American Psychological Association, International Association of Applied Psychology, International Association for the Psychology of Religion, Association Internationale D’ Etudes Medico - Psychologiques et Religieuses, Greek Psycho-logical Company, Religious Research Association and others) and Committees and member of supervisory boards of publication of scientific journals "SOCRATES", "KOINONIA" and director of journal “NEW ZION” of Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

At repetition he has been rewarded with Distinction and Rewards for his concrete scholarly works, as well as his overall cultural offer and social contributions from: the Ministry of National Education and Religions, the Pan-European Report and Frankfurt Book Competition in collaboration with the National Centre of Book, the Patristic and Byzantine Institute America, the Prefecture of Piraeus and the Piraeus Intellectual Centre “Philo”, the "Goddess Athena” Academy of Letters and Arts, and from the International Union of Greek People of Letters, which enjoys second Vice-president.