Welcome to the Department of Social Theology and the Study of Religion of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens!

Dear international students
of the Department of Social Theology
and the Study of Religion,

Situated at the heart of modern Greece, the historic city of Athens, the Department of Social Theology and the Study of Religion is part of the Athens School of Theology, one of the founding Schools of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, a leading university of the South-Eastern Mediterranean. Actively engaged in our culturally multifaceted and socially ever-changing worlds, we focus on the interdisciplinary study of theology and religion in their social dimension and dynamics. 

    The international edition of this Study Guide serves as a key route connecting the Faculty and its distinguished staff with their academic counterparts worldwide, while supporting prospective and current international students, such as ERASMUS+ students and offer holders, until they are able to meet our Greek language requirements set by the University and the Department. Being the largest of its kind in the world, the Modern Greek Teaching Centre of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens arguably offers all the required courses and certification, as well as an early terrain for familiarizing yourselves with various facets and themes of the Greek culture.

    Now in terms of organization and academics, our Department is a dynamic synthesis of three streams of thought, teaching and research: (a) Section of Biblical studies and Cultural life of the Mediterranean, Canon Law and Byzantine Theology since the 9th Cen. C.E., (b) Section of Christian Worship, Education and Pastoral studies and (c) Section of Religious studies, Philosophy and Sociology. In close cooperation with our counterparts in the EU and internationally, we offer fully accredited undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes of study, opportunities for post-doctoral research, traineeships and open seminar courses.

    A full and ever up-to-date account of our activity is available on the official website of the Department  and the official website of the University of Athens. Important during your stay and studies in Greece are also agencies such as the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, the State Scholarships Foundation, the Study in Greece Gateway  and the local embassy or cultural institution associated with the country of your permanent residence. In addition, various platforms are available within the University Network to help you put some colour in your study plan, such as e-Class, Open Courses, and Student Services Online (MyStudies).

    International students with disabilities should also work closely with the Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities  of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, a team of professionals and volunteers striving to actively realize coequal access to academic studies for students with different abilities and needs, through built environmental modifications, Assistive Technologies and access services. An indicative list of services provided by the Unit includes (a) access to interpersonal communication with the members of the academic community, (b) access to the built environment of the university, (c) access to the printed or electronic educational material, (d) access to the board and the presentations in the classrooms, (e) access to the exams/tests, and (f) access to the information and the WWW content.

    We all truly most welcome you to discover our fascinating world of theology and religious sciences and be part of our vibrant community. Heading this outstanding academic port of call, may I therefore wish you all the best in your studies and every success in your future with us and beyond!


Professor Sotirios Despotis

Head of the Department
of Social Theology and the Study of Religion,
National and Kapodistrian
University of Athens